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Calling all Intermediate Surfers – this brand new course is for you!

by Jeffa

We’re excited to share with you a brand new course for 2023! Having reflected on a fun-filled summer this year, we thought something was missing from our course offering.

We’ve been running our signature ‘White to Green’ improver course since 2010, supporting 1000s of women to build the confidence and skills to consistently and confidently paddle out to those green waves, and have a great time in the process!

However, your surfing journey doesn’t stop when you get out to those green waves and we want to provide you with a course that will continue to support your progression. This is why we’ve introduced our new 2 Day Intensive Intermediate Weekends

Who is this course for?

Designed with a comprehensive fun-filled weekend schedule, this course is for our “green plus” water women. If you’re out the back catching left and right unbroken waves then this course is for you.

Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau where you’re feeling like you’re not making progress and you’re unsure how to move out of this rut? Or perhaps you have a specific technique goal in mind. You want to jazz up your style, work on your longboarding cross-steps or you want to ride a shorter board and learn manoeuvres that will maximise your ride? Maybe you want to start navigating bigger waves and boost your confidence. If any of this sounds familiar then book on and we can work with you to level up your skills.

Why have we created an intermediate course?

Surfing is your forever journey

When you’re learning to surf or moving through the improver stages, it’s easy to see big jumps and pivotal moments in your progress. Most of us begin with the simple aim of consistently paddling out to the line-up and riding green waves. There is no argument that this is one of the hardest steps to make, and takes time and patience. But it doesn’t stop there.

There is more to learn to maximise the enjoyment of surfing and move through times of plateauing. This could be working on steep wave take off, generating speed along the face, or making effective turns to maximise riding time. If you feel your current style is holding you back from the ultimate ride, we’re on hand to identify these habits and offer new techniques and fixes.

A course we would take ourselves!

Within the surfing industry, we noticed a distinct lack of intermediate courses available for surfers. I firmly believe I could’ve made a lot more progress if I had received additional coaching beyond the green wave riding stage. This is a course I would’ve jumped at to help me get over the plateau in some areas of my progress. So we want to ensure you can maintain the momentum in your progress and keep motivation high.

Getting an additional perspective on your surfing is incredibly valuable. We may be able to notice something that you weren’t aware of or hadn’t thought about. You might not realise you’re stalling on your back foot when trying to generate speed, and that’s totally ok. Thats where we can help!

More tailored tuition

On our popular  White to Green courses we cater for women with a wide range of abilities. This is great! It means we can learn from one another and we absolutely love it when many of you come back time and time again to benefit from our coaching (and of course the lovely camaraderie of our White to Green groups!).

However, we notice that sometimes the ability range can be broad ranging from those paddling out for the first time to those of you wanting to charge those bigger waves. We think it is time to create this new course space that will enable us to give more focus and tailored coaching for those of you at the more intermediate level.

A weekend course to fit with your schedule

We know life can be busy with work, family and other commitments. Sometimes it’s not possible to get away from the grind and into the ocean, and so we are offering this course on weekends to hopefully make it easy to find space in your diary.

It’s a short intensive course so that we can quickly get to the nitty gritty of your progress plateau. Perhaps you’re not opening up your shoulders on your cutback, or your paddling technique is setting you up for a late takeoff. With four sessions plus video analysis midway, we’re taking a smart and efficient approach to give you specific feedback and support that you can take forward in your own post-course surf sessions.

If you’re a Beginner or Improver looking for a weekend course, we’ve also got you covered. Check out our Surf + Yoga Weekend which cater to all of our weekend wave warriors, whatever your ability level.

Calling all our Early Birds!

We’ll be running three Intermediate weekends during 2023 and are currently offering these courses at a special early bird price (subject to availability)

Course Dates:

27/28 May

17/18 June

1/2 July

Early Bird Price – £199 (full price usually £239)

Click here for the full course lowdown or slide us a message at surfsistas@gmail.com

We can’t wait to surf with you!

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