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Want to progress to Green Waves? Book a 5 day Intensive White to Green Improver course

by Jeffa

Our flagship UK Women’s Surf Camp – The White to Green Improver Course!

Are you in the comfort zone of the white water? Do you need some encouragement to paddle out and surf green waves? Maybe you’ve attempted paddling out but the walls of white water smash you back to the inside. Or you make it to the green waves, but you’re not catching anything!

This is where we can help. On our White to Green improver course, you will learn methods to successfully paddle out back and the step by step process to catching unbroken waves. Let’s up your wave count and send you cruising down the line!

It took me two years to pluck up the courage to paddle “out the back”. Partly down to my own confidence barriers and not receiving the coaching I wanted on surf camps I booked. In the end, I got out there through lots of practice perseverance, applying the tricks I learnt and having support from female coaches to help me overcome my fears. And that’s why we loving teaching you this course. Because we’ve been there and we get it!

This is the course we wish we’d had when learning to surf! The perfect amount of time to practice your surfing with lots of feedback and support.

On our 5 day improver course you can expect:

  • Low ratio coaching max 1:4 (most surf schools run a 1:8 ratio!)
  • Theory Sessions to cover the technicalities of surfing
  • Lots of tips and hacks for paddling out and catching green waves. And we’ll be with you at every step.
  • 8 water sessions so you have lots of time to practice!
  • Supportive and empathetic female coaches
  • Tailored coaching to suit your surfing goals
  • Photo analysis – so useful for you to see the small tweaks you can make that will fast track your improvement

and much more! (yep you guessed it, there’s a goodie bag waiting for you on arrival)

Choose from dates in May, June, July, August and September, here’s the link to the full lowdown.

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