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Bored in the White Water? Here are 5 ways to use it to your advantage

by Surf Sistas

Are you bored of the white water? Ready to go out the back but sometimes it’s just too big?

Its easy to get frustrated when you feel trapped surfing in the white water.  We’ve got some drills you can do to keep yourself motivated and improve your chances of getting onto green waves as soon as the conditions are back in your favour. 

Finding yourself back in the white water can be frustrating when you have moved on to catching green waves.  At Surf Sistas we are always looking for the best conditions and the right time to surf with our students, but sometimes we all just have to make the most of what the wave gods deliver.  White water can still be our friend. In fact it can teach us lots of skills that will help us in our progression from white to green

If you find yourself stuck in the white water think of it as an opportunity to practice some skills and give these drills a try. Practicing them will give you a much better chance of catching a green wave when you paddle out back again: 

  • Duck diving/ turtle rolls and pushing through the wave :: instead of walking out because it’s shallow enough, get on your board and paddle. Practice whichever technique you need to improve on and start to recognise the best technique for the size and shape of the oncoming wave.
  • Wave selection; the good, the bad and the unexpected :: Learning to recognise the good waves from the bad ones comes with practice so always be aware of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Angled take offs ::  If you go out back having never practised an angled take off, chances are you will be struggling to catch the wave and may end up doing a sideways James Bond roll over the falls! Practice angled take offs in the white water using your weight to lean into the wave and fix your inside rail into it.
  • Riding waves left and right :: When you complete your angled take off you then need to keep that inside rail in the face of the wave (white water or green) so make sure your weight is on that rail through the pop up into standing.
  • Length of ride :: Working on where your weight is on the board and adjusting this according to the speed and power of the wave will give you a much longer ride. Shuffle forwards and backwards and play with your stance to feel the difference it makes.  Remember to look where you are going and not at your feet, torso stacked, you want your weight evenly distributed over that stringer; a rogue bum or head sticking out is going to tip you one way or the other!

Try some of these out in your next white water session & let us know how you get on!


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