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13 undeniable signs you need a surf holiday

by Surf Sistas
Surf holiday

You know it’s time if…

1. Your surfboard hasn’t seen water since September.

2. The surf report is windy and flat for the foreseeable future.

3. Your screensaver is a palm-fringed beach in Bali.

4. You’ve pinned 346 pictures of warm water surfing on Pinterest in the last week.

5. The surf is clean and pumping but you just can’t face putting on ALL THE NEOPRENE anymore.

6. There’s 7 surf bikinis in your shopping basket ready to go.

7. You’ve taken to buying mangos and coconuts to create that tropical holiday vibe.

8. You’re watching Blue Crush/Leave a message/Dear and Yonder on repeat (side note: can someone make a decent female surf movie already).

9. You’re fed up of thawing out your fingers.

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10. You can’t pop up properly anymore as you’re hindered by too much neoprene and every duck dive is giving you an ice cream headache.

11. You threw your stinking wetsuit boots in the bin in a frozen rage.

12. Not to mention you just can’t bring yourself to buy extra cold surf wax.

13. You’ve taken to gazing at past holiday pictures to remember what the sun feels like.

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Sound familiar?

Get some sun and waves in your life. Join us in Costa Rica, Bali, France and Morocco this year.

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