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7 Surf Films to watch over Twixmas

by Jeffa

Oh the Festive season. A chance to unwind in front of the fire and indulge yourself with delectable treats. I love this time of year when there’s no obligation to be intensely active or chase the surf.

Many of us find ourselves in other parts of the country to our usual jaunts. This could mean time spent away from the sea. Whilst I welcome exchanging blue horizons of the coast for green pastures inland, there comes a point when surfing creeps into my mind. 

This generally occurs in the period of twixmas.

What is Twixmas?

Twixmas is that period between Christmas and New Year, typically 27th-30th when no one really knows what to do with themselves and it all gets a bit weird. It’s also the point when Christmas dinner leftovers get less appealing. You feel me? A strange period. Am I bah humbug if I want to do work or go to the gym? Or do I still have a free pass to be a couch slob?

If you’re in the twixmas limbo, watch a surf film to provide grounding and comfort. We’ve some listed great surf films below, selecting ones that are mostly free or found on Netflix and Amazon. There’s an eclectic mix in here, from informative docos to laid back chick flicks. So sit back and enjoy.  

Other Land

Irish director Alica Ward documents the journey of Australian surfer Vittoria Farmer as she travels the west coast of Ireland, immersing herself in the powerful and bitter cold Atlantic surf. Watching this film is a full sensory experience, with an incredible soundtrack and cinematography capturing the raw untapped essence of the “Emerald Isle.”

The Ying & Yang of Gerry Lopez (Youtube)

Brought to us by Patagonia, directed Stacey Peralta (yep that legendary skater). This film tells the story of Gerry Lopez, both master of Zen and formidable pipeline charger. We explore how he cultivates a life dedicated to surf and yoga. It felt like a philosophy lesson watching this, which I welcomed. I also wanted to jump on a yoga mat afterwards (you may want to as well. It’s a good thing to get some movement into the twixmas period).

Expect a history in the art of zen and surfing. You’ll be surprised, like I was, to learn how much Gerry Lopez has influenced the evolution of surfing.

Surfs Up 2: Wave Mania (Available on Netflix)

We couldn’t leave out a Surf’s Up film – and the second film is available to watch on Netflix! I haven’t watched this one but if the first Surf’s Up is anything to go by it’ll be a fun, easy watch for the family. 

Follow the story of penguin Cody Maverick as he embarks on an adventure to the notorious surf spot “trenches”, where some of the worlds biggest waves can be found. 

Surfing – An All Girls Surf Film (Youtube)

A short 30 min film documenting the top female surfers in the world. This encompasses much of what I love about women’s surfing. Fun, smiles and a supportive environment. Not to mention watching strong females charge on some critical waves. It includes the likes of wold champ Tyler Wright and “The Greatest of all Time” (GOAT) Steph Gilmore.

Torren Martyn – Lost Tracks Atlantic (Youtube)

A four parter, great for a twixmas binge! Torren Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell adventure from Northern Scotland, through Europe to West Africa. It’s the ultimate surf adventure that captures the essence of why we love surfing; the search for epic waves. 

You’ll be captivated by the diverse landscapes along the Atlantic and if you haven’t watched Torren surf before you’re in for a treat. He’s graceful, even on those heavy Irish slabs, making manoeuvres look effortless with a laid back demeanour.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

If anything will get you revved up for a surf trip this will. If that is the case, get yourself booked on one of our 2023 surf courses.

Fish People (Youtube)

More of a doco style and great if you want to wake up from the mince pie daze. It’s stretches beyond the realms of surfing, telling stories of individuals connected with the ocean. A thought provoking piece which encourages us to turn inward and examine our own relationship with ocean. I finished watching the film driven by the need to help conserve this entity that’s so special to us. 

Blue Crush

(Ok it’s not free but you can buy on Amazon for £2.49)

My ultimate guilty pleasure. Blue Crush is one of the films that made me wanna be a “surfer girl”. Think noughties chick flick vibes, the surf version of mean girls (just with agro local surfers instead of Regina George). Follow the story of local Hawaiian girl Anne Marie as she overcomes her fears to take on the heavy wave Pipeline, finding love along the way. A cringe worthy but easy watch. I do love it, though I’d rather not admit it. 

If you get amped up to surf over the xmas period, then book a surf course with us to have something to look forward to in the new year!

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