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A typical day on our Costa Rica surf trip

by Charlotte Howells
Costa Rica - Surfing with pelicans

One of the best things about our Costa Rica trip is that it’s a surfari. With three different destinations to visit, every day is different – one day you could be checking out the view from the tree tops and the next jumping into waterfalls.

Waterfall jumping Costa Rica Costa Rica zip wire

Here’s what one of the ten days might look like…

6.30am Wake up to a howler monkey alarm clock

Costa Rica howler monkey

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and perhaps a mini banana for energy then it’s time for a sunrise surf.

Sunrise surf Costa Rica

We often surf early so we’re in the sea at the optimum time – while the wind is still blowing gently offshore. Sitting in the warm water and watching the sunrise from behind the palm trees makes the early start worth it.

Sunrise surf

Plus, if you’re lucky you might share the experience with a pelican swooping overhead or a turtle cruising the waves.

9.30am All surfed out, it’s time for breakfast

After surfing we take the short walk along the jungle path back to our accommodation.

Costa Rica jungle path

Here we rest our noodle arms and tuck into a healthy al fresco breakfast. Normally it’s something like local tropical fruits along with yogurt, granola or pancakes.

group breakfast

After breakfast there’s some free time to enjoy that hammock that’s calling your name before we pack up and head off to our next destination.

Costa Rica hammock

Chilling on the surf trip

12.30pm Grab lunch

Lunch at a soda on the Nicoya peninsula

Road side food

We stop for lunch en-route at a simple beach-side soda (local restaurant). Is there anything better than eating delicious, fresh food right on the sand? We’re not sure there is!

2.30pm Going off road

Next the route takes us off road – down dusty tracks, through rivers and along deserted beaches.

Costa Rica roadsCrossing riversOff roading on the beach

4.30pm Catch some more waves!

After an adventurous journey, we arrive at our destination just in time for the second surf of the day, now that the winds have turned back offshore again. 

Checking out the surfHeading out to surf Catching whitewater  Catching green waves

Our surf coaches will be there every time you surf to help you wherever you’re at with your surfing, whether that’s catching your first wave, getting out back or perfecting your top turn.

Practicing pop ups on the beach Surf coaching Surf coach Group coaching

6.00pm Post-surf sunset beers

Sunsets are an incredible spectacle in Costa Rica. We try to make sure we’re always at a good spot to enjoy it, and more often than not that’s a front row seat on the sand.

Costa Rica sunset Sunset beers on our Costa Rica surf trip Hula hooping at sunset Sunset in Costa Rica

7.00pm Refuel ready to do it all again tomorrow

For dinner, we head to one of our favourite local restaurants. There’s plenty of choice all along our route, so you might be tucking into locally caught fish, delicious nachos or a really good pizza. Some nights we might check out a beach bar too…

Beach fire - Costa Rica Beach party

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